• The “Pharm D” program at Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology is one of the best academic pharmacy programs in Egypt since it allows our students to practice all pharmacy disciplines, including the industrial pharmacy as well as the clinical pharmacy specialties.
  • Our “Pharm D” program extends for five years according to the credit hours’ system and one residency year (advanced training for 9 months in industrial facilities, laboratories, community / hospital pharmacies or governmental settings).
  • Our “Pharm D” program courses are delivered by competent academic staff members that are selected from the top ranked Egyptian universities (Cairo University and Ain Shams University). Visiting Chinese Professors are frequently hosted by ECU to deliver specialized courses and training programs. The selection of staff members is based on their academic profiles and teaching experiences.
  • Our “Pharm D” program aims to connect students to the needs of the pharmaceutical market. Plenary scientific seminars and workshops are regularly conducted with keynote speakers representing the heads of the Egyptian pharmacy profession specialties. Our students enjoyed interactive sessions with The vice president of the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA), The head of the Arab Pharmacists Union, The head of Cairo pharmacists syndicate, The technical office manager of the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, The chief clinical pharmacist at the 57357 children’s cancer hospital, Medical promotion specialists, Industrial pharmacy managers and others.
  • Our “Pharm D” program appraises the importance of field visits to pharmaceutical factories like Global Advanced Pharmaceutical Co. & Misr Co. for Pharmaceutical Industries, and hospitals like 57357 children’s cancer hospital. Needless to say, leisure trips to Luxor and Aswan, Alexandria and Dream Park are frequently arranged.
  • Our “Pharm D” program respects the secrets and the diverse applications of herbal Chinese medicine. Along with courses, our students can freely join online one-month training programs in herbal and traditional Chinese medicine with Hebai University of Chinese Medicine
  • Our “Pharm D” program considers the potential of the English and Chinese language courses, to enable our students to understand the scientific content of the program courses, as well as the training programs offered by our partners of Chinese Universities like Beijing Language and Culture University and Wuhan Technical College of communications. By the end of the training programs, the participating students should receive accredited certificates in a prestigious ceremony.
  • Our “Pharm D” program enriches the students time, in summer, with specialized training programs in modern pharmacy to illustrate the scientific applications of the delivered courses. In addition, specialized training programs in Chinese language (HSK levels) are arranged, in collaboration with China Cultural Center in Cairo, to enable our students who pass HSK level 5 to apply for free Master and Ph.D. degrees in Chinese Universities.