University Board and Management

Prof. Dr. Rasha ElKholy

Acting President Of University

Prof. Dr. Rasha El-Kholy
Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs

Prof. El-Kholy has 25 years of experience in the fields of sustainable development, water resources management, Water Energy Food WEF nexus, environmental protection, entrepreneurship and community service. Currently Prof. El-Kholy is holding the position of Vice President for the Egyptian Chinese University ECU for Education and Students’ Affairs.

El-Kholy is a Senate of the Euro Mediterranean University EMUNI. With her wide exposure to Egyptian and European education and research she has formulated and presented curricula, bylaws, developmental programs, and policies for the consideration of many engineering faculties of private universities based on innovative approaches with relevance to real life cases.

Dr. Rasha has managed many local / foreign research projects funded by EU (Tempus, Erasumus+, H2020, Prima, Italian Development Cooperation) and several Egyptian Agancies (ASRT, STDF) . She also served as a short-term international consultant and trainer for the Food and Agriculture organization FAO-UN and is deeply involved with several international organizations.

Prof. Dr. Reda Al-Barqouqi

Vice President Of University

Prof. Sami Abdelsamad

Dean, Faculty of Physical Therapy

Prof. Dr. Samy Abdel Samad Nasef
* Dean of faculty of physical therapy, ECU
* Former Dean of physical therapy, Pharos University, Alexandria
* Former vice Dean, faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University
* WFCM committee member
* Chairperson of scientific sector, GPTS
* Licensed physical therapist, WCPT, USA
* Licensed Wound Care Specialist, FAWM, USA
* Licensed Kinesiology Tape lecturer, South Korea
* Associate editor in Journal of advanced research

Prof. Mina Tadros

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology

Prof. Mina Tadros
Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology, ECU

Dr. Mina is an external reviewer on higher educational institutes for the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE), a member of the Arab Pharmacists Union (APU), a member of the Arab Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS), a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) and a reviewer for the scientific committees for promotion of staff members in the Supreme Council of Universities (specialty: Pharmaceutics) and the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (specialty: Biological and medical sciences).

Dr. Mina was an ex-vice dean for community service and environment development affairs, ex-acting vice dean for postgraduate studies and research affairs, and ex-director of drug manufacture unit at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (FOPCU). He was an ex-member of the supreme committee for medicines at Cairo University hospitals, and an ex-member of the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) scientific committees for (i) Evaluation of bioavailability and bioequivalence studies, (ii) Assessing the quality of documentation of pharmaceutical products, and (iii) Registration of pharmaceutical products via CTD.

Dr. Mina received his Ph.D. degree from Cairo University in 2006. Since then, he participated in the delivery of many undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Cairo University, MIU, MSA, FUE and ECU. He is a co-author of +45 manuscripts dealing with the development of novel drug delivery systems (Scopus h-index 18, Google scholar h-index 19), a co-supervisor and a committee-in-charge member in +35 master and Ph.D. theses in Cairo University, a peer reviewer for +25 Scopus-indexed journals, a co-inventor of 2 patents, a co-participant in 2 funded research projects by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), and the winner of Dr. Makram Mehany award for scientific creativity in life sciences in 2018.

Prof. Ashraf Helmy

Dean, Faculty of Economics and International Trade

Ashraf Helmy, He is a professor of economics with +20 years of teaching and lecturing experience, +7 years experience in academic leadership, +10 years of professionality in developing feasibility studies, and a massive number of research papers as an author, supervisor, and referee.

Prof. Mohamed Talaat

Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Dr.Soha Safwat

Acting Dean, Faculty of Computer Science

Prof. Abdul Rahman Rajab

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Design

Prof. Ahmed Al-Shayeb

Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof. Dr. Essam Khalifa

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Dr. Adel Darwish

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Darwish

Scientific Advisor