Regulation of Tuition fees for the Academic Year 2021/2022

The tuition fees are paid for the academic year in two installments as follows:

  • The first installment is paid before the start of the first semester paying 60% of the year’s fees.
  • The second installment is paid before the start of the second semester paying 40% of the year’s fees.


Fees are paid for using laboratories, workshops, and clinics with the fees for the first semester in addition to administrative and ministerial fees noting that the fees for laboratories, workshops, and clinics are paid once at the first semester of the first year.

Second installment first installment (laboratories/administrative fees) Total Fees Faculty
22400 1120+ 4000 + 33600 56000 Engineering and Technology
17600 880+ 2000 + 26400 44000 Economics and International Trade
31200 1560+ 5000 + 46800 78000 Physiotherapy
39200 1960+ 5000 + 55800 98000 Pharmacy and Drug Technology

Grants and discounts are decided in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education.