Vision, mission and objectives


The Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) aims to be a productive, technology-based higher education institution that is highly ranked at the local level and globally competitive. It also aims to be distinguished in scientific research and society besides being recognized as an original and modern product of science and knowledge. The university supports innovation and entrepreneurship activities to build human and material capacities and achieve sustainable development.


The mission of the Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) is to build the student’s productive personality as a productive research educational university adapted to the evolving needs of the 21st century labor markets. This can be achieved by creating opportunities to introduce and contact students with the new global economic industries so as to acquire personal, social, and professional skills and competencies related to the knowledge age.


The Egyptian Chinese University aims to transfer the successful Chinese-Egyptian experience in higher education institutions by establishing international partnerships with the best Chinese universities in scientific research, which seek human investment in Egypt in addition to achieving excellence in the field of scientific research and enhancing the level of creativity, innovation, and community projects. It also aims to create a graduate who keeps pace with the requirements of the current labor market and has the ability to contribute and push the wheel of production forward. Consequently, the objectives can be summarized in the following points:

  • The first objective: An effective institutional capacity.
  • The second objective: Distinguished teaching and learning.
  • The third objective: Supporting scientific research and innovation.
  • The fourth objective: Community participation and effective international cooperation.
  • The fifth objective: Supporting the quality assurance system and continuous development.