The Faculty of Art and Design at the Egyptian Chinese University is an educational institution affiliated with the Egyptian Chinese University. It includes the artistic specializations found in the corresponding colleges in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The college aims to provide the local and regional community with some of its needs in various artistic specializations and the latest technologies in the field of art and design. It also seeks to be one of the most important channels of communication with its counterpart in developed countries, especially China, within the framework of the great cooperation that links the Egyptian-Chinese University with a number of Chinese educational and research institutions, as well as the university’s desire for the Faculty of Art and Design to make a real contribution to the development of the art in Egypt.

The college also aims to provide research and training services in various fields of art and design and their various techniques, benefiting from the diverse experiences included in its various specializations, to contribute to creating a national base for education, training and research in the field of art and design, as well as the service role for the surrounding community, which the college exercises through its employees. From faculty members.

The College of Art and Design is keen to use the latest educational systems in its various departments and to benefit from the latest technologies related to the nature of study there. It is also keen to gradually form a distinguished academic body, by appointing sufficient numbers of the best members of the teaching staff and their assistants so that its goals can be achieved. In the future, more graduates of the college will be appointed to the academic staff of the college.

Faculty Staff

Prof. Abdulrahman Ragab

Graphic & Multimedia

Arst and Design Dean

Prof. Mai Samir

Fashion Design

Assoc.Prof. Rania Shabaan

Film & TV Production

Assoc.Prof. Heba Fayad

Graphic & Multimedia

Assoc.Prof. Asmaa Mohamed

Fashion Design

Dr. Rana Ibrahim

Interior Design

Dr. Sara Ibrahim

Visual Art

Dr. Dalia Salem

Visual Art