Fashion design program

In its development and economic plans, the country recently aims at the necessity of using technological and digital design trends to achieve success and continuity, which emphasizes the economic importance of fashion design from developing and inventing new and distinguished products to develop exports and improve its competitive and financial positions. Fashion design as an innovative process is one of the most important ways to maintain the continuity of international brands around the world. 

The Fashion Design Program at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the Egyptian Chinese University is distinguished by many points of distinction, including the study of digital design for fashion, methods of displaying digital brands, and digital printing through the application of the latest methods and modern technological programs. In addition, materials are studied, methods of producing and printing them, preparing the pattern, shaping on the mannequin, and various sewing techniques.  To prepare the final product with efficiency and quality. The academic aspect is also linked to the labor market through training students during their years of study in major companies, factories, and institutions to prepare a graduate with scientific and practical competence to meet the needs of the labor market and participate in its development. The graduate’s work fields in the labor market are numerous, including:

  • Digital fashion design
  • Designing and coordinating costumes in the field of cinema, television and theatre
  •  Fashion design in the field of sustainable, “environmentally friendly” sportswear
  •  Fashion design in the fields of smart and functional clothing
  •  Fashion design in the fields of women’s and evening wear
  •  Fashion design in the fields of men’s and children’s clothing
  •  Fashion design in the field of knitwear
  •  Historical and heritage fashions
  •  Patron in ready-made clothing factories
  •  Design of bags and shoes
  •  Research and scientific centers
  •  Styling
  •  Planning and production management in ready-made clothing companies and factories
  •  Digital fashion marketing
  •  Fashion brand management
  •  Ways to display fashion digitally
  •  Quality management in ready-made clothing factories
  •  Digital printing design for fabrics
  •  Design and fashion centers