Graphic and multimedia design program

The Graphic and Multimedia Design program is based on establishing a balance between creative design thinking and innovation using modern technologies that keep pace with the labor market and successive technological developments, and developing the student’s capabilities through his acquisition of skills and knowledge that help him solve problems in light of professional ethics, to achieve a competitive advantage, as the program combines multiple graphic fields.  Printing, publishing and packaging through its theoretical, practical and technical courses.

The graduate obtains a bachelor’s degree in applied arts, specializing in “graphic and multimedia design,” and the job title is “graphic and multimedia designer.”


 Firstly.  Graphic and Multimedia Design Program Vision:

 That the graphic and multimedia design program be a regionally and locally accredited program, and that it become a source of innovation and creativity in the field of graphic and multimedia design, distinguished in scientific research, and a pioneer in keeping pace with technological progress and excellence in the quality of education in graphic design and multimedia locally and regionally.


secondly.  Graphic and Multimedia Design Program Message:

 The mission of the Graphic and Multimedia Design Program at the College of Arts and Design is to prepare a graduate who has the knowledge and professional skills that enable him to apply and innovate in the field of graphic design, multimedia and packaging, and deal with advanced digital technology with good use of digital technologies for design and production, and who is capable of scientific research, problem solving, and community development with  Adhering to professional ethics to achieve competitive advantage


Fields of work for graduates of the graphic and multimedia design program:

  •  Advertising companies.
  •  TV channels.
  •  Publishing houses and printing establishments.
  •  Animation companies.
  •  Graphics and multimedia companies.
  •  Cash and secure printing presses.
  •  Marketing companies and advertising campaigns.
  •  Commercial printing, packaging and publishing.
  •  Various advertising agencies.
  •  Digital printing presses.