The program of  cinema and television film production

The program of  cinema and television film production at the College of Arts and Design prepares graduates with the knowledge and professional skills necessary for application and innovation in the field of cinema and television production, as well as in photographic areas such as advertising photography, animation, and film criticism. The program specializes in technological and creative studies in specialized fields, dealing with advanced digital technology and making good use of digital imaging techniques, enabling it to:

  • Practicing the profession of cinematography and television in its various fields, whether journalistic, educational, media, dramatic, recording, etc.
  • Designing the cinematographic and television frame using design elements in photography such as color, light, shadow, and composition in the frame through its various elements.
  • Understanding the technique of using cinematographic and television production equipment with its various essential components such as cameras, lenses, lighting sources of various types, filters, accessories, light exposure measuring devices, etc.


Fields of work for program graduates

  • Cinematography (in film recording centers, studios, and film production companies).
  • Television cinematography (in various television production companies specializing in producing programs for various occasions, and in terrestrial and satellite stations).
  • Lighting director in the television sector and production companies.
  • Lighting director in the field of film production.
  • Editor in the film industry or television production.
  • Design and implementation of lighting plans in all specialized places in the production of recording and dramatic works.
  • Editing and color correction work within cinema labs, production companies, and television channels.
  • Works in the field of animation in animation production companies.
  • In the field of special effects production.
  • Advertising photographer in advertising companies.
  • Photojournalist in the field of journalism and media.