Pharmacology and Toxicology are integrative biological sciences.

Pharmacology is the science dealing with the effects of drugs and other chemicals on biological systems. Toxicology is closely related to pharmacology. Yet, it focuses on the study of the harmful effects of drugs, pollutants, chemicals, and poisons on biological, natural, or social environments.

The department courses enable the students to discover the mechanisms through which drugs and poisons could affect the biological systems, and hence, could develop more safe generations of therapeutics.

Courses delivered:

Course title Course code Credit hours
Biostatistics PO 401 1 + 0
Pharmacology I PO 502 2 + 1
Pharmacology II PO 603 2 + 1
Pharmacology III PO 704 2 + 1
Drug Information PO 805 1 + 1
Basic and Clinical Toxicology PO 806 2 + 1