The Egyptian Chinese University’s Participation in the Sixth Cairo Water Week in 2023

Within the framework of the role of the ECU in serving society through international cooperation, especially the European Union, the university participated on Tuesday 31-10-2023 in the sixth Cairo Water Week in a technical session entitled: “Role in serving the community through its international cooperation with PRIMA foundation” To present the activities of one of the research projects carried out by the university in Egypt entitled: “safeguarding the livelihood of rural communities and the environment in the Mediterranean through Nature-based Solutions”

Mrs. Prof. Dr. Rasha El-Khouly opened the session and pointed out during her speech the importance of the project in serving communities suffering from soil deterioration, how to rely on environmentally friendly solutions to solve such challenges, and the pioneering role played by the Egyptian Chinese University in implementing these solutions within the university. She also explained the importance of the project through its implementation through the Egyptian Chinese University in cooperation with many European countries and countries of the Mediterranean basin through funding the PRIMA partnership in the field of research and innovation in the Mediterranean region.

The session was honored with the presence of Mrs. Dr. Sonata Ibrahim, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Chinese University, who welcomed the attendees and the deans of colleges at the Egyptian Chinese University and those present at the session. She also sent her best wishes for the success of the session and expressed her wishes for the success of the project and the importance of such projects. To implement the university’s role in serving civil society through environmentally friendly solutions.

The most prominent attendees of this session were Mr. Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdeen, project manager at the university, Dr. Vasiliy Takovukjolo, general coordinator of the project, and Dr. Muhammad Embabi, who is responsible for implementing the aquaponic system at the ECU university.

The session included a presentation on the importance of the role of the Egyptian Chinese University in research and innovation, along with a presentation of the university’s activities in the project, where all attendees were impressed by the extent of the accomplishment of the activities carried out during the first year.