The Egyptian Chinese University students obtained First places and medals in the universities and higher institutes championship

Egyptian Chinese University students continue to excel in university sports competitions and obtain medals and first places in the universities and higher institutes championship, the 51st Martyr Ibrahim Al-Rifai round, where player Abdullah Ismail Ibrahim won third place and a bronze medal in the student individual competition. The university’s speedball team won third place and a bronze medal in the mixed relay competition.

Player Abdullah Ismail – Faculty of Engineering.

Player Amr Ibrahim – Faculty of Engineering.

Player Basmala Adel – physical therapist.

Player Salma Ahmed – physical therapist.

The university also ranked fourth among the universities participated in the competition, with a score of 32 points.

Player Abdullah Ismail also achieved fourth place in the student solo competition, one shot behind third place. Student Basmala Adel won fourth place in the girls’ solo competition, one stroke shy of third place.

Not that, fourth year College of Engineering student Abdullah Ismail Ibrahim, who won silver medal in the 2019-2020 World Cup in Solo competitions in France, was previously honored.