The Egyptian Chinese University ranked 3rd place on the Dragons Summit 2022 with a bronze medal. The summit was organized by the Egyptian Japanese University (EJUST) from 13th of September till the 15th of the September.

The topic of this year’s competition was electronic mobility in accordance with the Egypt Vision 2030, that includes its industrial and commercial aspects. Since that the Government recently focuses on the electronic mobility industry such as the construction of the electric train and the single rail where it aims to make electric cars take a large share of the automotive market. In support to this vision, the IEEE-ECU team (a social partner in the forum) was qualified for the final round among 22 teams in Egypt.

A lot of institutions and organizations participated in the event such as universities, transport companies, government ministries and institutions concerned with transport. Professor Ashraf Al-Shehi, President of the University and former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research congratulated the team on winning and praised IEEE-ECU activities.