Department of Animal, Bird and Aquatic Medicine:

The department seeks to prepare veterinarians with high competence in the field of internal and infectious diseases, fish diseases, and clinical laboratory diagnosis, whether in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, control or spread, and to prepare and qualify veterinarians in the surrounding area and prepare and train them to work in the veterinary field through continuing education for graduates with Conducting scientific research to diagnose and treat disease problems in animals and fish, in addition to addressing issues of developing veterinary and clinical education.

In addition to equipping the department and preparing it to be a center for scientific services and inquiries and a center for livestock, farmers and breeders, as well as participating in preparing a veterinarian graduate equipped with the latest findings in poultry pathology, preparing him theoretically and training him practically to give him the high skills to deal with the pathological problems to which poultry flocks are exposed, with the aim of increasing their productivity and providing a source of Safe sources of animal protein for human use, through implementing a distinguished and advanced study program, conducting scientific and applied research aimed at addressing the problems of poultry production stations and farms, and preparing highly qualified veterinarians in the field of combating fish diseases and clinical laboratory diagnosis of them, whether in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or Control it and prevent its spread.