Department of Anatomy and Histology:

It is considered one of the basic and largest departments since the founding of the college. It includes a tissue laboratory, equipped anatomy halls, and the Anatomy Department Museum. The department aims to study the shape and general structure of the various animal body systems, which consist of the locomotor system (bones, muscles, and joints) as well as the digestive system.
Respiratory, urinary, and reproductive, and explaining their connection to the three body cavities (abdominal, thoracic, and pelvic)

Also, the general anatomical study of each of the body’s control systems. The primary goal of teaching histology in the field of veterinary medicine is to explain and clarify the histological structure of cells, as well as clarifying the origin of each type of cell, its methods of reproduction, its functional behavior, and the interconnections between each other, which gives the ability to understand changes. Abnormalities that can occur in the body of a living organism in various diseases.