Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) pharmacy students produce devices that are used throughout the medication manufacturing process

Fourth-level students at the Egyptian Chinese University were able to design and manufacture a variety of equipment that are engaged in the stages of medication manufacturing, according to Dr. Mina Tadros, dean of the faculty of pharmacy.

Under the supervision of the college dean, Dr. Mina Tadros reported that the faculty of Pharmacy students were able to create a pharmaceutical industry device like “evaporation, drying, distillation, and separation devices, within the framework of the practical application of what they studied in the pharmaceutical technology course.”

By using unconventional learning techniques supplied by a distinguished elite of faculty members and supporting staff, Dr/ Mina clarified that the students’ actions were an activation of the Egyptian Chinese University’s mission to develop the students’ level scientifically and professionally. He noted that the students were divided into several groups and that they interacted with a variety of When they were able to create gadgets that could be effectively utilized in the pharmaceutical sector, they moved from the engineering workshops to those in charge of producing the pharmaceutical technology they had studied and internalized.

The students acknowledged their satisfaction with the new experience they had, noting that it had given them new experiences that strengthened their talents and got them ready for the job market, both domestically and internationally.