The Egyptian Chinese University, Port Said University and the Technology Association organize a workshop for the second Water Day 2022 “Water and Climate Change”

On the morning of Wednesday, October 5, 2022, the activities of the second Water Day 2022 workshop were opened under the slogan: “Water and Climate Change” at Port Said University with the aim of linking scientific research to the field of climate change on the sidelines of Egypt’s hosting of the COP27 Climate Summit. This was done at Port Said University under the auspices and presence of Dr. Ashraf El-Shehi, President of the Egyptian Chinese University and former Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, and Engineer Tarek El-Nabawy, Captain of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate.

This event comes in cooperation between Port Said University, the Egyptian Chinese University and the Water Technology Association headed by Dr. Magdy Abu Rayan, President of the Water Technology Association and former President of Mansoura University, and Dr. Eng. Kamal El-Sayed El-Nahhas, Head of the Water Sector at the Suez Canal Authority and a consultant for water purification and treatment plants.
And in the presence of Dr. Hussein Al-Atfi, Secretary-General of the Arab Water Council and former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, and Eng. Tarek Al-Nabrawy, President of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers.
The workshops aim to study the impact of climate change on the amount of available fresh water and ways to overcome upcoming challenges in the field of water, including water technology and the future of water purification and desalination and wastewater treatment. climate and adaptation.

Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, explained in his speech the importance of launching thought and innovation and spreading a culture of limiting and adapting to the effects of climate change, by finding solutions to meet all challenges related to that field. He also stressed the prominent role of Port Said University in national, regional and development projects.
In his opening speech, Prof. Dr. Ashraf El-Shehhi referred to the current shortage of fresh water in the Middle East and North Africa, which represents a real threat to economic growth. And that this worrying situation has become exacerbated by rapid climate change. This is mainly due to the increasing burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, trapping the sun’s heat and raising temperatures. This was confirmed by the United Nations Global Report on the Development of Water Resources in the World “Water and Climate Change”, issued on March 22, 2020, which clarified that climate change will affect the availability of water necessary for basic human needs, which will undermine the rights of billions of people to Enjoy clean drinking water and sanitation services. Accordingly, universities, industrial and consumer agencies must cooperate to conduct studies and research that serve not only the editor, but the whole world, which is considered one of the most important requirements of the workshop, as well as the global conference “Climate Summit” that will be held in Egypt next month.
Rawya Rizk, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, indicated to the university’s graduate studies and research sector’s tendency to link scientific research with industry, and that the organization of this day included the parties to the equation from specialized professors and researchers on the one hand and representatives of the water sector in the industry on the other hand, with the participation of graduates and students to increase awareness they have.
The first session, which was chaired by Prof. Ashraf Al-Shehi, Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, and Eng. Tarek Al-Nabrawi under the title (Water and Climate Change), and the second session under the title (Requirements of Water Technology and the Labor Market to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change) and the third session (Contest graduation projects).
Participated in the workshop: faculty members, graduate students, students and alumni. Graduation projects competitions for students in the field of water were also held.
This was followed by an evaluation of the competition, presentation by students of graduation projects in the field of water technology, announcing the results of the competition, distributing prizes from the sponsoring companies for the day, encouraging researchers to conduct applied scientific research in the areas of climate change and maximizing its benefit, and launching a number of initiatives, competitions and exhibitions to increase the dissemination of environmental awareness, in addition to To the need for the integration of university graduates from various engineering disciplines in the design and operation of water treatment plants, and interest in planting trees in universities to reduce the carbon footprint and enhance cooperation between the university and industry regarding the exploitation of laboratories and centers of excellence to support the industry.