Cooperation between the Egyptian Chinese University and major international oil companies

“The Egyptian Chinese University cooperates with major international companies in the field of petroleum to provide training opportunities for students.”

“Minister Plenipotentiary: Egypt plays a pivotal role in the Silk Road and relations between the two countries are strong.”

The Egyptian Chinese University announced the start of cooperation with Sinopec Africa, the largest Chinese and international oil company, in order to provide training opportunities for the university students in the company’s branches in various countries of the world.

The meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Egyptian Chinese University in Cairo, was attended by Dr. Sonata Mohamed Ibrahim, member of the university’s Board of Trustees, Wei Dong, executive representative of Sinopec Africa, Lu Chunsheng, Minister Plenipotentiary and Director of the Educational and Scientific Office at the Chinese Embassy in Cairo, and Ali Hefny, former Egyptian ambassador to China and Vice President of the Egyptian Chinese Association.

A statemen issued by the Egyptian Chinese University stated that the meeting included the announcement of the start of implementing cooperation between the university and the Sinopec company, in addition to presenting the Sinopec Africa Petroleum Company with a collection of important books on Chinese culture.

During the meeting, Dr. Sonata Mohamed Ibrahim – a member of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Chinese University – presented a great thanks to the Chinese Ministry of Education for its support and cooperation with the Egyptian Chinese University that has continued for years, noting that educational and research cooperation, and the support provided by the Chinese side to the university is great and includes educational and Medical aspects , as well as great academic and research cooperation, and providing all aspects of support to university students.

Dr. Sonata Ibrahim added that the cooperation between the university and Sinopec Africa will be a new way to introduce the Chinese culture to the ECU students, starting with the distribution of books on Chinese civilization and culture, in addition to the educational and humanitarian aspects, which the university provides in the Egyptian-Chinese training curricula. Distinguished and combining it with Egyptian and Chinese sciences to provide a distinguished student with the ability to compete in local and global labor markets.

Minister Plenipotentiary and Director of the Educational and Scientific Office of the Chinese Embassy in Cairo, Lu Chunsheng, said, “We are celebrating the festival of 10 years down the silk road, which is based on the interconnectedness and the combination between the two countries to improve the global economy and to create a new platform for international cooperation, and noting that Egypt will influence the impact  because it is on the central region, where it is located at the point of the belt between the East and West regions, in addition to that the cooperation between  Egypt and China, extends for many years.

Chung continued, “The cooperation between the Egyptian Chinese University and Sinopec will open more horizons, which began today with the unveiling of presenting cultural wealth about the State of China, represented by the gifting of many books to students and faculty members of the university, which is an important means of inheriting relations.”

Chung expressed his happiness of the number of the ECU university students who have a passion for the Chinese language and culture, especially as this will help deepen the relations between the two countries.