A new cooperation between the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology in ECU university and Xiamen University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chinese university that dates back to 1921 AD

A memo of understanding about a new cooperation between the Egyptian Chinese university’s College of Pharmacy and Drug Technology and the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Xiamen University of China was signed online under the supervision of Dr. Karima Abdel Karim, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Chinese University, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Reda, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Rasha El-Khouly, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in ECU , Prof. Dr. Mina Tadros and prof.DrL Eman ELzanfalyvice dean of the faculty .
In addition to preparing joint training programs in a variety of pharmaceutical fields, the agreement aims to exchange faculty and support staff visits, and initiate student exchange between the two colleges, allowing each university to host a group of students from the other university during the summer training period and during the required training year (internship). planning several scientific conferences and activities as well as collaborative research projects.
Xiamen University is one of the ancient Chinese public universities. Its establishment dates back to 1921 AD and it is located in Fujian Province in southern China. It is considered one of the leading universities according to international rankings, as it is ranked No. 151 in the Shanghai classification, No. 247 in the US news classification, No. 301 in the  classification, and No. 392 in the QS classification.