Participation of the Egyptian Chinese University in the International Conference of Water Technology in its 23rd session

Signing a cooperation agreement between the Egyptian Chinese University and Port Said University

The International Water Technology Conference No. 23 at Port Said University was jointly organized by the Water Technology Association, Port Said University, and the Egyptian Chinese University. Prof. Dr. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, Prof. Dr. Ashraf El-Shehhi, President of the Egyptian Chinese University (the former Minister of Higher Education), Prof. Dr. Magdy Abu Rayan, President of the Water Technology Association (the former President of Mansoura University), and Prof. Dr. Hussein Al-Atfi, the former Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources participated in the opening of the conference. In addition, A large number of university leaders and researchers in the fields of water technology participated in this event.

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Al-Shehhi referred to the support of the University’s Board of Trustees for participating in major national projects in accordance with the directives of Excellency, the President of the Republic. His Excellency pointed out the importance of the problem of water shortage in the world and the repercussions of climate change and its negative impact on the quality and quantity of groundwater in addition to the negative impact of the construction of dams on international rivers which some countries wanted to keep a larger amount of water for themselves. Consequently, scientists and researchers expect that this problem may attribute to strong and devastating earthquakes in the areas of these dams. His Excellency also pointed out the need to activate the international law to preserve water in international rivers and watercourses.

Finally, on the sidelines of the conference, a cooperation agreement was signed between Port Said University and the Egyptian Chinese University to cooperate in conducting joint research and participating in multi-funded international projects.