The Faculty of Economics and International Trade works to optimize the educational process’s private and societal advantages and returns, boosting positive labor market spillovers and maintaining a leading position in educational service quality.


Our objective is to make the educational process as valuable as possible. Therefore, we are providing our students with a mix of academic and professional skills that will enable them to be entrepreneurs, compete in the labor market, meet various demands, and deal with the changing business and economic environment.


  1. Developing programs with the profoundly critical and theoretical underpinning structure, content, and subject, both within the modules and across the faculty’s different pathways (majors).
  2. Upgrading students’ ability to evaluate and examine different data critically and material by developing methods of teaching that elicit greater critical responses from students, integrate theory and practice and develop wider critical reading.
  3. Adopting different assessment techniques that are able to encourage greater critical engagement with material and data.
  4. Enhancing the ability of the students to demonstrate greater independence of thought and autonomy in their studies and further develop a business-related skill set.
  5. Paying special attention to the practical issues by applying education by simulation techniques, working on providing students with professional and practical training, and exploiting specialists from the professional and vocational fields in the teaching process.
  6. Promoting group work rather than individual work by conducting workshops and teaching students how to be cooperative, supportive, and effective within team workgroups.
  7. Conducting scientific and applied studies and research projects in business and economics that directly impact the process of economic development in Egypt.