Vision, Mission and Strategic goals


To achieve leadership in education, research, and community service in all pharmaceutical domains, locally, regionally, and worldwide.


Faculty of Pharmacy, Egyptian Chinese University, is committed to the upgrade and continuous development of the educational process, graduate studies, research and community service programs to graduate pharmacists privileged to meet the needs of the local and regional labor market with a competitive edge coping with the national academic reference standards and university values.

Strategic goals

  • Maximizing the utilization of human resources and material resources of the faculty.
  • Supporting self-learning and developing students’ abilities and their creative and innovative skills to keep pace with the labor market.
  • Paying attention to the applied scientific research, and the upgrade of the graduate studies system.
  • Work to raise community awareness and achieve distinct community partnerships
  • Supporting entrepreneurship and benefiting from research projects
  • Implementing and activating the quality systems and the continuous development of the educational, research and service process.
  • Gaining local and international accreditation.