Faculty of Physical therapy will be the top all over the world as it introduces integrated Physical therapy program and traditional Chinese Medicine


The graduate student will have the ability to compete not only on local level but on the international level, as he has an experience of integrating physical therapy modalities with Traditional Chinese medicine modalities, in addition to his ability to do a research work that gives him the ability of innovation and recreation in his career to help patients and society

Faculty aims

  1. Providing distinct and advanced teaching and learning.
  2. Achieving excellence in the field of scientific research.
  3. Building an advanced knowledge base
  4. Creating effective institutional capacity.
  5. Establishing a total quality system and continuous development in accordance with international standards.
  6. Endorsing the concept of “integrating western and eastern medicine” and achieving high quality of health care education and training.
  7. Building local and international partnerships.

Faculty entry condition

  1. Secondary School, science Branche, or any accepted certificate by supreme university council
  2. The percentage determined by council of Private and Private Universities
  3. Pass Faculty interview before study
  4. Pass English level exam