Microbiology and Immunology are integrative biological sciences.

Microbiology is the study and function of microscopic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Immunology is closely related to pharmacology. Yet, it focuses on how the immune systems fight to keep these organisms at bay.

The department courses enable the students to identify the approaches of the basic and the applied aspects of infectious diseases, the host defense mechanisms as well as the recent advances in cell and molecular biology and microbial genetics.

Courses delivered:

Course title Course code Credit hours
General Microbiology and Immunology PM 401 2 + 1
Pharmaceutical Microbiology PM 502 2 + 1
Parasitology and Virology PM 603 2 + 1
Medical Microbiology PM 704 2 + 1
Biotechnology PM 905 2 + 1
Public Health PM 906 2 + 0