The Egyptian Chinese University ECU is the only Chinese university in Egypt and the Middle East. The ECU offers high- demand study programs, thus, non-traditional fields of study are offered. The ECU implements international standards in education. The ECU follows a practice-oriented teaching strategy; about 50% of the study load is in practical courses, which will give the ECU students the skills they need in any working environment

Chinese technical expertise and advancement in the fields of study are ensured through cooperation with the Chinese Universities partner and other Chinese institutions. The agreements signed between the ECU and the Chinese universities gives students the opportunity to exchange programs and to obtain scholarships in China.

Being the first productive technological university in Egypt and the Middle East, the ECU is aiming to contribute to intellectual growth, entrepreneurship, innovation, and good character for the future leaders in Egypt and the Middle East, helping to create a second row of businessmen and push the youth forward for self-employment and small enterprises.